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Floral focus – a Q&A session with Fiona Perry Flowers

Fiona Perry is an incredibly talented florist based in Gloucestershire. I have been lucky enough to photograph her stunning work whist collaborating on styled shoots as well as weddings. Flowers is one of those daunting areas where you really need an expert for guidance – ideas, availability, colours, seasons and cost. Where do you even start?! Even I have learnt things in this Q&A session with Fiona Perry!

Bridal knitwear look book – I never called you a dream

Bridal knitwear is making an appearance on the wedding scene and I love it! Earlier this year I travelled to Amsterdam for a photography conference. I find myself most inspired during my travels and therefore like to take advantage of this! I wanted to take the opportunity to collaborate on a shoot as a result of being there. As a result, I reached out to cashmere bridal knitwear designers Klaartje and Ella from Madame Seguin. Brussels based bridal designer Valentine Avoh provided the beautiful dresses for the shoot. With layers of textures and feathers the designs worked perfectly with the cashmere. The accessories from SIBO Designs brought a luxurious touch. Along with the statement jewellery from Cotton & Gems. Aesme had kindly hand drawn some bespoke botanical pieces to tie in the element of nature. The bridal knitwear “The knitwear collections are made in Mongolia by small knitting factories, made from cashmere yarn that is spun in Mongolia from fibers that are sourced from Mongolian herders. Madame Seguin’s core values include supporting the nomadic lifestyle and protecting …

Summer at Sezincote wedding inspiration with must see floral details!

I’m so excited to finally share this Summer at Sezincote wedding inspiration with you. I was instantly spellbound by the Sezincote Estate. I’ve spotted it before between the Cotswold hills but the drive up to the House is probably the most magical for a wedding venue. You’re then lead up to the big reveal of the 200 year old Mogul Indian palace which is simply breathtaking. What a setting for a wedding!

13 Reasons to hire a Wedding Planner via Style Me Pretty

A wedding planner is often seen as a luxury, however there are so many options and packages that planners off (which I’ll be talking about soon). However, I’ve seen these fantastic tips via Style Me Pretty which I wanted to share. – Thirteen reasons to hire a wedding planner – A wedding planner can save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes. They know who’s who in the industry. They can negotiate with vendors on your behalf. The allow to have a life outside of planning your wedding. The planner will become your go-to person at the wedding, so that you don’t have to answer every question. They make sure the bridal party sticks to the schedule. They make sure all of your guests are taken care of. A wedding planner packs up at the end of the night (if part of your package). They take on the logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff. Wedding planners can find solutions when people can’t make it. A good planner helps to bring your vision …